Gluten free cake review – That’s Great Cake

img_20170108_195834Ok, so over Christmas I had a few treats. The rest of the time I stuck to the Slimming World plan and maintained my weight. I’m really happy about this as I’ve had lovely food but not too much.

My friend, Emma makes delicious cakes and desserts that she sells in South Yorkshire (Rotherham/Sheffield area). Her site is

That’s Great Cake Website

We’ve had some fantastic cakes from her over the years to help with different celebrations: birthdays, Valentine’s day, a Ruby Wedding, our Wedding.  She also makes more unusual bespoke cakes and we’ve had a Shoebox cake for a charity event and a cake to celebrate my husband’s chess team’s promotion!

Since I was diagnosed with coeliac disease I have missed homemade baking. I have had shop bought items but they’re not the same, are they?  Emma was planning her Christmas cake orders in the run up to the festive season and asked if we wanted one. A bit of a challenge when it needs to be gluten-free for me and nut-free for my husband. Unlike major companies she cannot guarantee her cakes don’t contain certain allergens but believe me, she is very careful to avoid cross-contamination.

In December 2016 the Christmas cakes were £25 for a simple iced design or £35 for anything a bit fancier. We asked for 3D penguins on ours.

The cake was enjoyed by members of our family and some friends. It was extremely rich with friut and moist because of the alcohol which was applied by Emma at regular points in the production.  As it needed to be nut-free too no nuts were added and no marzipan layer.  We opted for an extra layer of icing to give a smooth finish.

The models looked great. Emma spends many hours modelling with icing to make wonderful creations.

I’ll definitely be ordering a nut and gluten free cake from Emma on the future.  In fact we’ve already ordered a Valentine’s day one.  If you’re looking for a unique cake I’d highly recommend her site.

That’s Great Cake Website


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