My 20 Favourite Kitchen Gadgets

Here are some of my favourite kitchen gadgets.IMG_20160220_143825.JPG

  1. Sharp knives and chopping boardIMG_20160220_143735
  2. Tin opener – essential for all those syn free items: beans, tomatoes, mushy peas etc…IMG_20160220_144111.JPG
  3. Tupperware, freezer bags and bag clips – for storing leftoversIMG_20160220_143659.JPG
  4. Mortar and pestle – for grounding up spicesIMG_20160220_143714.JPG
  5. Colander – mine folds up neatly to go in the cupboardIMG_20160220_143517.JPG
  6. Long spoon – for removing seeds from papaya, stirring hot chocolate and for dessertsIMG_20160220_143752.JPG
  7. Poach Pods – mine are from Lakeland and are for poaching eggs easilyIMG_20160220_143806
  8. Electronic scales – for weighing ingredients and those Healthy Extras
  9. Measuring jug – for mixing or for measuring out my milk
  10. Measuring spoons – great for accurate alcohol measuresIMG_20160220_143843.JPG
  11. Wooden spoons – for use in non-stick pansIMG_20160220_143917
  12. Variety of slotted spoonsIMG_20160220_143900.JPG
  13. Whisk and potato masherIMG_20160220_143932.JPG
  14. Scissors – for cutting fat off bacon, cutting up chicken breasts, opening packets etc…IMG_20160220_143950
  15. Apple corer – I know this is lazy but it does mean that I eat more fruitIMG_20160220_144008.JPG
  16. Microwave soup mug – handy for warming up baked beans at work as they don’t splash everywhereIMG_20160220_144029.JPG
  17. Cherry pitter – it’s not attractive eating cherries and spitting out pipsIMG_20160220_144049.JPG
  18. Silicone moulds – handy for making mini breakfast omelettesIMG_20160220_144147.JPG
  19. Potato peelerIMG_20160220_144129.JPG
  20. Metal tongs – for lifting meat off the health grill

Slimming World Kitchen Essentials

These are my Slimming World Kitchen Essentials



  • Tomatoes (great for syn free sauces and with a Mixed Grill – Slimming World)
  • Chick Peas (padding out curries and for making hummus)
  • Mushy Peas (great with poached fish and Slimming World chips)
  • Baked Beans (jacket potato topping, add to loads of dishes)
  • Red Kidney Beans (add to salads and chillies)
  • Sweetcorn (nice in a quiche, salad or to bulk out a chilli)
  • Tuna Chunks (free in brine or water, avoid ones in oil)
  • Spaghetti Hoops

Sprays, Jars & Tubes:

  • Jars of Bovril or Oxo Stock Cubes (free!)
  • Frylight (use instead of oil to make many delicious fried items)
  • Balsamic Vinegarfrylight
  • Soy Sauce
  • Worcestershire Sauce or Henderson’s Relish
  • Tomato puree
  • Options Hot Chocolate (2 syns per mug) – great in Choc Orange Pot – Low syn


Herbs & Spices:

If you don’t have many herbs and spices yet, you soon will.  Slimming World meals are all about taste!  Start off with these essentials and then add to them when you need them for new recipes.  You’ll soon need a bigger spice rack!

  • Mixed herbs (add to many dishes but especially useful for spaghetti bolognaise)
  • Chilli powder
  • Curry powder



  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Cous cous
  • Dry Egg Noodles
  • Porridge Oats (35g as a healthy b option) – Slimming World – Overnight Oats
  • Weetabix (2 for a healthy b option)
  • Batchelors Super Pasta n Sauce Cheese & Broccoli (FREE) – needed for Slimming World Quiche
  • Batchelors Super Pasta n Sauce Chicken & Mushroom (FREE)
  • Batchelors Super Pasta n Sauce Cheese, Leek & Ham (1 syn)
  • Batchelors Super Pasta n Sauce Macaroni Cheese (1.5 syns)
  • Batchelors Super Pasta n Sauce Tomato, Onion & Herb (2.5 syns)
  • Tesco Pasta in Sauce, Tomato & Herb (FREE)
  • Batchelors Super Low Fat Noodles Chicken & Herb, dried (FREE)
  • Batchelors Super Low Fat Noodles Chilli Chicken, dried (FREE)
  • Batchelors Super Low Fat Noodles Sweet Thai Chilli, dried (FREE)
  • Slimming World HiFi bars – Lots of delicious flavours. ( 2 small bars is a healthy extra b choice or count eat bar as 3 syns)

Fruits & Veg

Fridge items

  • Milk (measure out for your healthy ‘a’ choice
  • Cheeses (measure out for your healthy ‘a’ choice
  • Fat free yoghurt
  • Fat free cottage cheese