MyFitnessPal app – trying it out

It’s been a while since my last post. For those of you who haven’t read my Blog before here’s a bit of background.



I’m a female with insulin dependent diabetes and diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2016. I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. I lost a few stone on Slimming World in the past and recently lost two stone with Food Optimising on Slimming World.

I’ve been a bit stuck. I’ll admit it! I know you can lose weight with Slimming World and have always rated it. Eating without measuring (much) and never feeling hungry really worked well for me. Adding in Coeliac Disease to the mix has been a bit more tricky.  Slimming World try to be helpful and allow sufferers to adapt the Healthy Extras slightly.  Added to this I can’t do the Speed Days as it’s not advised if you’re diabetic.  Although I did lose two stone I personally felt I needed something to kick start my weight loss again.

Why calorie counting?  My husband has impressed me by calorie counting, exercising and losing three stone in a few months.  I’ve never wanted to go down this route before because I already count carbs to help calculate my insulin and didn’t want more numbers rolling around in my head!  To be honest it sounded too simple.  Calories in need to be lower than calories out for you to lose weight.  I wasn’t convinced, until I saw it work for my other half.


Getting started…  I downloaded MyFitnessPal app which had been recommended to me.  I went for the basic version.  I entered my age, gender, activity levels (hmm…low) and current weight.  Then I put in that I’d like to about 1lb per week.  You can adjust this at any time and can even set it up to maintain weight or put on weight if those are things you want to do.  The app advised me to try to stick to about 1690 calories per day.  The more you weigh the more calories you’re allowed.  If you’re more active you’re allowed more calories too.

Food diary…  I’m used to recording everything I eat since starting Slimming World.  I quick like micro-managing every detail at the moment until I know what I’m doing.  You can quickly add your calories, search for items or scan barcodes to add items.  Check how sensible the numbers sound as occasionally there may be a slight error.

Exercise…  You can add exercise each day and it gives you more calories in your allowance.  That’s the kind of motivation I need!

Detail…  The app can go into great detail about fibre, vitamins and other nutrients.  I don’t really use this as it isn’t my main motivation at the moment.

Weight…  You can enter your weight as often as you want.

So far…  I’ve lost 5lb this week.  I know when starting a new eating scheme I tend to lose a chunk to start off with and then losses are more steady after that.







You know you’re a Slimming World member when…


You know you’re a Slimming World member when:

  • Your spice rack used to contain mixed herbs, chilli powder and curry powder.  Now you pick up a new spice or herb for each new recipe you try.  What type of coriander do I need: fresh? leaves? ground? seeds?
  • You have a squashed cereal bar in your bag (just in case).  It still tastes nice.
  • You have to buy more chopping boards, knives and tupperware to help with all the delicious meals you are now cooking.
  • When out and about shopping you ‘treat yourself’ with a punnet of raspberries to eat on the way home.
  • You might not offer friends biscuits or cake when they pop over for a coffee, but you do have three full fruit bowls and a dozen different flavoured yoghurts on offer.
  • You ask where the Quark is in your local supermarket and get a look from the assistant that suggests you’ve just disembarked from your spaceship.
  • You have a medical review and you can tell the nurse your weight to the nearest 1/2lb.
  • You get jealous looks from your workmates when you get your lunch out.  Large jacket potato with cottage cheese, baked beans and the largest fruit salad known to man.
  • You’ve become a pro at preparing mangoes, pineapple and butternut squash.  Thanks You Tube!
  • You fill most of your trolley with fruit and vegetables.  The little section at the front holds everything else that you are buying.
  • Your favourite app is the Slimming World one.  It’s great for checking syn values when you’re out and about.
  • Batchelor’s Pasta n Sauce are on offer and you buy enough packets to feed an army.
  • At each 1/2 stone you give yourself a small reward: new haircut, new nail varnish, leisurely soak in the bath.
  • You get excited about the weight loss graph on the Slimming World website.  Who knew GCSE maths would come in handy again?
  • You try every ‘free’ food from the list even if you don’t know what it is.  Quinoa with samphire and a side of pak choi anyone?
  • You go to a Slimming World group and it makes you feel eager to try new recipes.
  • You turn your nose up at salads consisting of only lettuce, tomato and cucumber.  Where’s the sweetcorn, onion, beetroot, carrot, radishes, peppers, apple…?
  • You have a blow out and fall off the Slimming World wagon but you remember your consultant’s words about not throwing the whole vase of flowers away if only one has died.  Then you pick yourself up and carry on.
  • You start to feel healthier as you continue on the plan, with more energy to keep up with younger members of the family.
  • You get excited when the new Slimming World magazine comes out.  Time for some inspiration and motivation.

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